Development of Home Care Beauty Devices

(1) COSME-DEVICE™ is a technology for home beauty devices developed in compact sizes.
(2) A distributional medical sector developed instead of large equipment from hospital

Combining these two fields, COSME-DEVICE™ has been developed as a popular line of cosmetics products for developing beautiful skin.

In the early 2000s, technology has been focused on miniaturizing the big machineries.
Above ultrasound device has ‘All-in-one’ concept has ultrasound technology, Ionotophoresis, moisture measurement, whitening, anti-aging, lifting. (Steady selling item for 8 years after launching)
From late 2000s, new area as a ‘Cosmetic Friend(mate)’ has been made with more specified and smaller sized while satisfying the function due to development of technology and customer’s new needs.

Photo therapy, sensor, and micro vibration technologies have been incorporated into this device. Increased collagen improves wrinkles for skin care. Cosmetics and beauty devices have merged for synergy effects and to explore new areas of COSME-DEVICE™.

More than a device, COSME-DEVICE™ conveys the effects and emotion by awaking the beauty inside and bringing the dull skin back to life.
Over 400,000 sold in the United States, France, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Korea.
Integrated concepts of ‘Skin care products + containers’, ‘Beauty Device + Beauty Technology’ will begin a new beauty life cycle in the future.
Using skin care products together with beauty devices will be developed as a new natural step for enhanced beauty.